Fresher’s Week

Ok, so my first week at LST is over and it has been a little harder than I thought it would be. I think I assumed I would adapt to ‘leaving home’ really easily, but this was not the case and I ended up going home mid week and for the weekend; however, God has really revealed his Father heart this past week, when I have been missing home and my Mum so desperately. I have met truly lovely people and, as difficult as it has been I have felt (in my saner moments at least) that I can be really happy here.
Sometimes we can put so much importance and pressure on our families and homes, they can feel as if they are the centre of our world and I know I am guilty of relying on my family at least as much, if not more than I rely on God. This week I have been challenged to keep looking up to the one who can never leave us and will never forsake us.
Usually when I am having a rough time, God can seem distant, but this past week I have felt pulled into his arms, and I have been able to lean on him, doing things in his almighty strength instead of my own. I challenge each of you to think about where God is in your priority list, he may be the one we run to when it is tough, and neglect when life is good, or he may the one we tell all our good news to, but shy away from him when we are having a hard time. If I have learnt this much during my first week here, I am excited to know how much more I will learn in the coming weeks and months, how much closer I will draw to my Lord in sunshine and showers.
Please remember me and my fellow students as we begin our studies this week, some after a long time away from study, in your prayers as we adapt to doing a degree. I thank God for the faithful friends I have who I know are praying, and be assured of my prayers for you.

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