Busyness and Family

Apologies for the lack of entries over the past few weeks, it has been a touch manic! I have handed in my first essay, and the deadline for the second is fast approaching. I am preparing to sing at the open mic night tomorrow evening, attempting to begin revising for the impending exams and as I write I have just been set another essay due before the end of term. As you can see I am busy; trying to keep in contact with friends and family at home whilst sustaining and developing friendships here. At times I feel like I am going to go a bit mad with it all, and yet, over the past weeks I have found myself calling ‘college’ home. The people I have come to know, I have come to love; we come from differing backgrounds, have differing ways of dealing with stress and we all come with our own baggage and sensitivities. Yet amidst these differences we have come to care a great deal for each other and I have been struck how each of these people show me a little bit of Jesus’ love every single day. As much as I am learning from reading, lectures and essays – I am learning just as much from living in a community and growing closer.

I also say without hesitation that through these new relationships, discoveries, alongside the learning I am doing academically, God is doing something new within me. A work of healing and renewal, a work that I pray will continue as the years pan out before me.

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