When it is dark enough…you can see stars

It has been quite a while since I last blogged – in fact it was last year! I have been challenged again and again recently to actually DO something about the passion I have for mental health awareness and support. Part of me knows they are almost selfish reasons – I do not want what I have suffered to have been in vain. There has to be a reason I have gone through the last six years.

I also know I have been blessed with a compassionate heart. I want to help those people who are struggling – I want to come alongside them, cry with them, make them smile and make a difference – showing a little bit of God’s love to them that might just bring them before the Lord for the first time. Some might term it a ‘call’, I term it as the thing that makes my heart hammer and want so much to make a difference.
Being at college, I have come to see that I am not alone in what I have struggled with, and I want to help other people know that they are not alone. No two experiences are ever the same, but there is much to be learnt from the joys and sorrows of others.
I have a work in progress when it comes to this idea. An organisation, group, whatever it may be called ‘Think Twice’ which aims to get alongside people, advocate for them, pray with them and for them and raise awareness that ‘mental illness’ can affect the ‘normal’ looking school girl as well as the muttering man so many people cross the street to avoid.
So, you know what? If you fancy getting involved – praying, doing, whatever you can or want to do…drop me a line at rachaelsonali@me.com I would really love to hear from you!
In the mean time…may God really bless you as you face whatever this new week may hold for you.

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