Mud, Stars and Glimpses of Glory

I have quite a few revelatory experiences recently. It’s been a strange time. Maniacally busy with work, committee, friends, home and family; I have found myself writing poems and songs to try and evacuate my mind.

The following was written in response to a song written by my friend Amy:
For those children who do not sleep for fear, 
For those girls, seeing pain beyond their years
For those men, polluting what they fear
For the lives, stolen at night.
Those who sit in wait for the morning light. 
There is a voice, whispered
A song, that lingers
Soaring through the stars
Crying for the light
For the boys, not knowing their Dad
For the child, with mouth open wide
For the scars that cannot fade
For the victims who cannot speak out
For the rage, that chills deep within
There is a voice, whispered
A song, that lingers
Soaring on eagle’s wings
Longing for the light
The idea of light and glimpses of glory have been prevalent recently. Yesterday in chapel it dawned on me that humanity is a glimpse of glory. God’s glory is found in each of us, and yet so often I think of the glory of God when looking at the majesty of the sea and the beauty of the night sky. During the chapel service I wrote the following;
The glory of God is in the fragility of humanity – how strange. The Father looks down on each of us and says,
‘You. In you, is my glory’
‘But I’m a sinner, broken, ugly, rejected.’
‘I know’, he replied
‘Just look at my Son, scarred, rejected, alone, in agony – 
King of Glory. In My image he is made, you were created in the image of the same.
I was thinking about the glory of God when I attended a meeting to arrange my vacation placement that evening. I’m pretty sure I saw the Glory of God in the two ladies I met, who worked in the chaplaincy service at Watford General Mental Health ward. There was something very beautiful about the work they were doing and the encouragement they gave me, in being able to be a little part of that work as part of my degree. They recommended a book called ‘Mud and Stars’ and there seemed to be a strange juxtaposition between the dirt, darkness and ugliness of mud and the beautiful shining light of stars. The ugliness of mental illness and the pain it causes, the beauty and creativity it can create.
This has been a bit of a mish-mash of writings and I’m going to leave you with another poem I jotted when in yesterday’s chapel service after we had been talking about how we cannot see anything but a glimpse of God’s glory because it is so beautiful, so wonderful and so terrifying that nothing can ever stay the same.
This is Glory
If only a Glimpse
This is Glory
In the power of a King
And the suffering of a Servant
This is Glory
In the faith of sinners
In the cries of slaves
Who bow to you.
This is a glimpse
Of heavenly praise
Glory not self-seeking, but
Glory seen in love divine.

One response to “Mud, Stars and Glimpses of Glory”

  1. My dear, you've genuinely made me well up.I love that idea, we are a glimpse of glory. It's so true, and so beautifully put. If I steal it for a song, you shall get full credit. I pray I never forget that, even in my most sad or frustrated moments.Thank you. x


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