The Hardest Term

I write watching the snow fall, covering everything in pretty white stuff. As much as the lack of decent driving conditions annoy me, I do love that it makes the dirty and messy look bright, clean and new.

It is how I want to begin next term, as a clean slate- because the past term has been most difficult and most painful so far. Not only has it contained a crash course in leadership; the dark shadows of illness have lurked, encroaching on my life as they had not done for a long time. It has been difficult, trying to navigate a degree, friends and committee work as the all too familiar tiredness and tears plagued me.

And yet, throughout this, I have been able to cling to my sanity and sense of self. I have been able, in the dark days to keep the hope of the future in sight. I have been able to keep myself afloat, or, perhaps more to the point I have learnt to rest in God, when I have had no strength of my own. Resting is still not something I’m great at, but I’ve even managed to do a little of that amidst the mire.

I am forever grateful to those friends who have cheered me, hugged me and let me dampen their shoulders with my tears. Who have, yet again astounded me with their willingness to show me Jesus in their actions everyday.

And I am reminded again, to be thankful for the God who really does wash us cleaner than freshly fallen snow.

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