A picture can speak a thousand words, they say. I’m inclined to think that the absence of any pictures (photographs, really) can speak too. At my most unwell, I would not allow any pictures to be taken of me, I didn’t want to smile for a camera and I didn’t want a record of the bad times. Looking back now, I am a little sad that I have so few photos of my teenage years, but also a bit relieved that there are not too many photos of me glassy eyed and exhausted.

As I have recovered, I’ve got a bit evangelical about taking photos, making memories. I love getting snaps of me and the people I love so that I can look back on these years and remember – show the shots of the golden days to my children and grandchildren. So, I apologise in advance if you get frustrated with the camera in my hand – but for now, I’m going to keep recording the golden days..


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