Year Two Round Up

So, my second year at LST is over, and it has been a roller-coaster. I have grown up in ways that I didn’t even realise I needed to, made more friends that I’m sure will be with me for years to come and felt an ever-growing sense of calling.

I have been so privileged to watch my friends get engaged, and get together with boyfriends/girlfriends who make them happier than I have ever known them. I can’t say it has always been easy being the ‘single one’ – but it’s been lovely being allowed to be a part of their story and even be asked to become a bridesmaid for the first time ever!

It has been a massive learning curve for me, from the crash course in leadership that was being on the Student Committee, to working out how to grieve for the things in my past and present that have left such indelible marks on me. I don’t think I have ever before understood how to grieve, I just became increasingly adept at ignoring it. It has not been an easy year. It has been enormously difficult – possibly one of the hardest – but it has also been one of the best. Even through the painful and difficult times, I have remembered why I am at LST, why I am working towards what I believe to be my calling.

Speaking of calling, this has grown stronger and stronger this year. I led a Short Chapel in January and kicked off Mental Health prayer not long after. I have been amazed, not only at the response, but how I have grown in confidence. As I have prayed, read the scriptures and researched to prepare for these meetings, I have loved every minute!

Lastly, I watched some of my best friends graduate. I was, without doubt, prouder than I have ever been in my life. Proud because I have watched them fight their way through, proud because they have been amazing friends to me whilst working insanely hard!

And so, second year has drawn to a close and I’m nearly a Third Year – at times I wasn’t sure I’d make it – but now I’m looking forward to the last year of my degree with excitement and no small amount of apprehension!







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  1. Just clicked through to your blog on f/b. Loving the writing, Rachael!


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