This is a story of hope

A short testimony I shared with others when we were asked to share our stories of hope:

This is a story of hope…

And yet it begins with an almost complete lack of hope. As 2007 dawned, I had pretty much given up on the idea that the year ahead would hold anything to hope for.

Having been diagnosed with clinical depression three years earlier at 14 – life had seemed to get progressively worse. And I was tired. Of life, and living.

In medical terms, I was acutely and chronically depression – and yet, it was when I was hospitalised for a night that God planted a seed of my calling. Because amidst the blinding pain of my depression, I felt a flicker of something. How can we bring the light of God into this place? How can we get people to understand what others go through every day?

It was a spark that lay dormant and often forgotten about as I fought to recover. Recovery was, and is a long and difficult road – but the glimmer of hope I saw that night in hospital remained as the years that followed continued in a cycle of getting sick, well, sick, well, sicker and well again.

It was not until I came to LST that I began to think about that spark. It was ignited by people who loved and believed in me as I started to think about having a future. The desire to make a change in Churches and communities in the way mental illness is perceived was strong in me.

Because what had been my darkest night – ignited my hope – in the God I serve, His mission and the part I am called to play, amongst those suffering in the darkness of mental illness.

3 responses to “This is a story of hope”

  1. Well shared my friend… well shared. As someone that was around in this part of your life, and that fought a little of the battle with you… I am so proud of you!


  2. Angel of mine, as Al says, well shared. I am glad you are able to remember that spark of hope in the dark days and know that it continues to light your way when there are occasional dark days still. God has not got you this far to ever let it go out! You are very brave. Love you lots xxxx


  3. […] been diagnosed with clinical depression three years earlier at 14 – life had seemed to get progressively worse. And I was tired. Of […]


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