I love my degree

I love my degree. 

I feel enormously privileged that I get to study the word of God, every day. That I get to sit with some of the world’s best theological scholars and just have a chat! That I get to be in a place where people care, about me, about my dreams and about my calling. 

I am writing an essay at the moment about the comfort of God. About how we can communicate the comfort of God to those struggling with mental illness, reading the Bible, what scholars have said about the Bible and how they have illuminated the text. 

I get to grapple with the text and work out how best to encourage and comfort those suffering. 

Of course there are times when I’ve been exhausted and tired and not really want to write another word! But still, I love my degree. 

I am excited about what is coming next – but I can say – without a doubt that these have been the most difficult, most wonderful years of my life. 

I love my degree. And I thank God that I’ve been able to do it!

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