Dull Domestication?

Since moving out of home and into my flat with one of my closest friends, I have got into something of a morning routine. Up in the morning, coffee machine on and I start writing.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever written so much in my life. I’m finally getting a structure for the book I’ve been attempting to write for three years. I love living in my own place, more than I thought I would.

Yes there are downsides (the other day, after I’d been on my own all day, the first few words I said to my flat mate were somewhat croaky) but I’m loving cooking for myself, cleaning and being domesticated. Of course, the novelty of the domestication may set in soon, but for the moment, I feel very content as I clean and decide what I’m going to prepare for dinner – more often than not delving into my Mary Berry cookbook.

After two weeks,things in my corner of Harrow are good.

Probably one of my more boring blog posts if I’m honest, but there is something to be said about a settled normality. It is something I have craved and the fact that I’m writing so much comforts me, because there doesn’t need to be drama to make life good. Sometimes we can thrive off drama (and whilst drama does add some spice now and again) I like that right now, my life is settled and probably quite boring for many 22 year olds.

So here is to settledness and my incredibly domesticated life (at least until I get back down to seri0us study in September!)

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