The Women Who Made Me

I was inspired to write this after seeing this post by Amaris Cole, editor of Threads.

There are countless women who inspire me and encourage me – but there are five (in no particular order) without whom I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog – or any blog for that matter.

The first woman who made me, quite literally, is my Mum. She’s fought for me and beside me for my whole life, modelled a life of faith, taught me a love of words and making things pretty!

The second is my oldest friend Jessie. From sun soaked summer days listening to Corinne Bailey Rae, to standing beside one another on the hardest days, to standing beside one another on our wedding days we’ve got sixteen years of friendship behind us and a lifetime ahead of us, teaching me that good things come from our history.

The third is Kelly, my maid of honour and best friend. She’s fierce, fun, unendingly loyal and incredibly patient when I’m having a wobble or two! I I love watching her being a wonderful Mum to her boys and she always inspires me to think about things I’d never consider on my own.

The fourth is Anna, who mentored me through my degree, made up words with me and encouraged me to be bold in my dreams and to always keep going, no matter how hard or small the steps may be. She’s taught me that academia and fun need not to be mutually exclusive.

The final is Rachel, endlessly encouraging and hopeful who let me practically live at her house when I was living in a slightly cramped studio flat, raises her daughter to be feisty and compassionate,  and is passionate about fighting for what’s right and does so in leopard print, heels and lipstick – believing in me that I can do similar!

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