The Day After #OurHolyWeek

I’ve been thinking today about how that first Easter Monday was for Jesus and the disciples.

I wonder how they spent it after the agony of the Friday and the despair of the Saturday, the confusion and wonder of the Sunday?

The day after the world changes – we can’t look at the world in the same way.

I wonder how all they’d been through changed their perspective?

How was Peter feeling as he reflected on denying this man who now stands raised from the dead?

What was Thomas thinking having touched Jesus’ scars and his doubt banished?

Where was Mary that day? Was she with her son the day after He rose from the dead?

There is something precious about these times, when life changes forever.

It happens to us all in big ways and in small – maybe the day we became a christian, got married, lost someone we loved or maybe it was the day after an event like 9/11 which changed the world so irrevocably.

For all the most momentous of days, there is a day after.

It’s a time to take stock, to survey the changes in the landscape and work out how we move on.

What does that look like for us today, the day after we remember Jesus’ resurrection?

A new commitment?

An enlivened faith?

Doubt? Assurance?

Whatever the day after brings, let today be one that looks up to the One who reigns over it all.


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