I Write To Make Things Real

“I find I need to put things into words before I can believe that they are entirely real.” Frederick Buechener

I’ve always read to make sense of the world. When I was first diagnosed with depression back in 2004 I devoured every book and memoir Amazon could deliver; I did it again as my mental health worsened and I came up against other issues.

And as I’ve been writing the book, I’ve come to realise that if reading helps me make sense of life; writing helps me to create something out of the chaos that life can sometimes feel like. I don’t know how to make things real until I’ve written them down.

As our country has been rocked again and again in the last few months with terror and the Grenfell Tower fire, I’ve reached more and more for pen and paper to come to terms with what surrounds us.

We all have to find ways to come to terms with the world around us; for me its words, for others it may be movement or images, but I can’t help but think finding a way to understand the world we’re living in is a massive part of growing up.

Putting things into words makes me feel less alone and less powerless.

And in the wake of the last few weeks – I think we might all need to find ways to feel less alone and powerless.

And tonight as I’ve written, the words have made my heart ache and pray for those who’ve lost loved ones and homes.

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