Tracing the Tears – Betrayal #OurHolyWeek

This Holy Week, I’m going to be blogging each day, tracing the tears Jesus shed for Jerusalem to the tear filled eyes who first saw the Risen Christ. Throughout I’ll be following prompts from #OurHolyWeek

Betrayal elicits a particular type of pain; it’s as bitter as the love shared was once shared.

His kiss; meant to be a sign of love signed Jesus’ death warrant.

Betrayal is deeper and more ugly that mere dislike because it disguises itself in a love that once was.

Judas perhaps never truly knew the love of Jesus; but if he had once loved Jesus it was eclipsed by his other loves; money and power.

It was Judas, remember, who scoffed at the money wasted on Jesus’ anointing at Bethany and Judas who took thirty silver coins in exchange for Jesus’ life.

Perhaps Judas wanted a warrior King instead of a servant King who wept and he was willing to betray Jesus to force his hand. Whatever the truth, the cost of his betrayal was too high and he took his own life.

The experience of betrayal not only destroys relationships – but trust that new relationships may be faithful.

It is a tragic end to the story; not just because his life ended in suicide, but because he never really understood the gentleness and grace with which Jesus attracted people.

Betrayal can beat people down, erode their confidence, faith and their view of God.

But I hope that as we look again at the journey of Holy Week, we will see that Jesus does not betray His people; He is faithful.

Judas’ betrayal points us to Jesus’ own faithfulness to the Father, and to us.

He walked through Holy Week knowing what was coming;  yet obeying His Father, loving His people faithfully to the cross and beyond.

“Jesus was victorious not because he never flinched, talked back, or questioned, but having flinched, talked back, and questioned, he remained faithful.”

Brennan Manning

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