Best Books of 2020

What a strange year! But amidst there have been some incredible books launched. I’ve actually read more this year than last, partly due to lockdown and partly in preparation for writing my second book which comes out in 2021! These are a snapshot of some of the best – but there are many more so do check out my Instagram if you want to see what I’m reading and recommending at the moment.

So in no particular order, here are my twelve best books of the year – and a few honourable mentions with a quote from each one to whet your appetite!

This Too Shall Last, K.J Ramsey*

“When the church amplifies stories of healing and overcoming without also elevating stories of sustaining grace, she is not adequately forming souls to hold on to hope.”

Wintering, Katherine May

“Winter is not the death of the life cycle, but its crucible.”

Where is God in all the Suffering? Amy Orr-Ewing

“The Messiah would bring an end to the brokenness of the world by being broken to bits himself.”

God Among the Ruins, Mags Duggan

“I wonder if we sometimes miss how God might want to minister to us because we are too eager to move on, too quick to relieve the ache we feel with the analgesic of activity.”

Finding Jesus in the Storm, John Swinton

“Life in all its fullness is not life without tears but life with the one who dries our tears and moves us onward to fresh pastures.”

God on Mute, Pete Grieg

“the incomparable story of Christ’s agony, abandonment and eventual resurrection – that story remain the greatest hope for a hurting world.”

Salt Water and Honey, Lizzie Lowrie

“Redemption isn’t about happy endings… [it] acknowledges pain, then invites it into a bigger story, giving it purpose.”

Almost Everything, Anne Lamott

“Tears will bathe, baptise, and hydrate you and the seeds beneath the surface of the ground on which you walk.”

Ready to Rise, Jo Saxton

“We need people who will not only clear the rubble of old ideologies and mindsets but also tend to those who have been broken and damaged by them.”

Women in a Patriarchal World, Elaine Storkey

“When we are left by love rather than fear, we gain more courage, and God often empowers us to be stronger and to see things more clearly.”

Dear Reader, Cathy Rentzenbrink

“Every book holds a memory. When you hold a book in your hand, you access not only the contents of that book but the fragments of the previous selves that you were the you read it.”

The Cure for Sorrow, Jan Richardson

“A blessings does not explain away our loss or justify devastation. It does not make light of grief or provide a simple fix for the rending, It does not compel us to “move on”. Instead a blessings meets us in the place of our deepest loss.”

Honourable Mentions

Lights for the Path, Madeleine Davies: A great book for young people navigating grief and mourning, one I’d have so valued in my teens.

Joseph, Meg Warner: A fascinating look at the story of Joseph through the lens of trauma and trauma studies.

Coming Undone, Terri White: A visceral memoir of the author’s mental illness – far from an easy read but so brilliantly written.

If Only, Jennie Pollock: A lovely book on contentment and hope – encouraging and engaging.


I was thrilled to endorse Liz Carter’s stunning book “Treasure in Dark Places” – as I said in my endorsement:

“Liz writes beautifully, and Treasure in Dark Places weaves theologically rich poetry with prose which faithfully echoes the tradition of lament with honesty and hope. A gorgeous companion in dark times.”

What have been your best books of 2020?

*Please note that some links are affiliate.

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