Upcoming Events

27th July 2019 Living with Mental Illness Retreat Day at Retreat House Pleshey

  • Following the chapters of “Learning to Breathe” exploring:
  • “First Breaths” looks at what mental health is, what the Bible has to say about it.
  • “Struggling for Air” looks at the reality of mental illness and exploring a theology of Holy Saturday.
  • “Resuscitation” looks at the role of family, friends and carers.
  • “Learning to Breathe” where we will pull together all we have shared through the day.


New Wine Week 1 – Wednesday 31st July 

Learning to Breathe seminar 11.15, Hub 1.

New Wine Week 2  – Monday 5th August

Mental Health Stigma is a Justice Issue seminar, 2.30pm.

More 2019, All Souls Eastbourne – 20th November

More… than struggle. How has the gospel influenced life and mental health?