And Yet

You can now pre-order my upcoming book “And Yet” which is coming on 18th November 2021!

It’s going to be Form’s first Lent book and I’m so looking forward to exploring together what joy really means and why I believe that the path to true joy is paved with lament. 

Here are a few words from the book summary:

“In a life full of highs and lows, choice and challenges, the words ‘and yet’ can change everything. We are surrounded by darkness and yet there is light. We feel we are lacking and yet God provides. We are broken and bruised and yet there is hope.”

Pre-orders are funny things, but I’m informed that they are useful and it means that you get it as soon as its released (but won’t pay until it’s dispatched) so if you’d be up for pre-ordering it I would very much appreciate it. 

At present you can place a pre-order at AmazonSPCK and Waterstones or Eden, I’ll update here as and when more places make it available.