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Times are-a-changing

I decided that as I’m now a theology graduate to give the blog a bit of a redesign and a new name! 

I’m currently swimming in boxes. Boxes to take to my new flat. Boxes to go to Mum’s new house. Boxes of things to get rid of. Boxes to…okay you probably get the point now. 

Regular readers will know just how much I love change(!) and it is a bit unsettling. I certainly won’t be sad to say goodbye to the boxes. It’s an odd feeling, leaving the home I’ve lived in for over nineteen years and going to do the ‘grown-up’ thing sharing a flat with a friend. 

Unsettled-ness is a strange state of being, and I for one am looking forward to being moved in, beginning to volunteer in my local mental health unit with a lay chaplain and beginning my year of post-graduate study!